Role Crafting is a consulting and coaching firm specialising in supporting managers involved in collective or individual transformations, as well as in sensitive or delicate situations.


What is difficult in transformation projects is getting people on board and overcoming one's own resistance.

We believe that every transformation project is an opportunity to accompany everyone towards their right place in the organisation.

Role Crafting means adapting roles. By optimising roles, it is possible to develop the company's agility and to build a meaningful role for everyone.

What we offer

To succeed in the transformation of the company and the continuous development of individual talents, by embarking, mobilising and aligning all the teams,

we offer a smooth and collaborative approach with the support of innovative digital tools.

Our digital solutions enable teams to align themselves with a shared diagnosis and action plan. Request an appointment including a digital demo:

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What makes us specific

■ We build open collaborative systems that will allow you to motivate employees on a double project: a collective project for the company and an individual project to develop each person's role.

Our unique digital solutions allow you to discover hidden sources of value by scanning the collective organisation, as well as each individual role. They are inspired by medical imaging.

We have the triple expertise of consultants, coaches and business leaders. Our experience covers strategy, organisation, innovation, skills development and human and digital transformation.

■ We are involved in work with the Ecole Polytechnique and INSEAD business school to develop employees' capacity for action: read our article published in the Harvard Business Review.

Everybody is a Genius. But If You Judge a Fish by Its Ability to Climb a Tree, It Will Live Its Whole Life Believing that It is Stupid.

— Albert Einstein

Our digital solutions allow you to transform the role of an individual or to optimize an entire organization role by role.

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What we do

  • Company transformation
  • Organizational audit: mapping of strengths and weaknesses, "HR due diligence"
  • Reorganization: designing and implementing a new, more agile and collaborative organization
  • Acquisition / Merger: integrating a company into a group
  • Remote work : identifying what can be done remotely, reinventing roles for greater agility and meaning
  • Listening to employees and treatment of irritants
  • HR surveys and role transformation : engagement, well-being, renewing the meaning and content of roles
  • Individual coaching / Outplacement: taking up one's position, reinventing one's role

Clients and testimonials

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