What we do

We support Company Leaders, Entrepreneurs, Investors and Senior Executives on their strategic and human challenges.

Our expertise

Organizational Coaching

We transform roles to give them Agility and Purpose

Reinventing roles

50% of today's jobs will no longer exist in 10 years.

Optimizing roles

50% of colleagues think they do not have the opportunity to accomplish their work properly.

(*) 2015 Trends in Global Employee Engagement, 8 million employee records from 68 industries operating in 164 countries, Aon.

Our Offers

Diagnostic and Solution

A Fair Roles ® mission aims at optimizing a role, a department or an entire organisation. It is an integrated solution which combines:
  • A Digital Scanner of the organisation
  • A Systemic Diagnostic of its roles
  • A resulting, adapted Transforming System

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Group Workshops

A Role Crafting ® Workshop or Program aims at optimizing, or even reinventing roles, a job or a function. It is a collective, customized offer which will allow a team or a small group to:
  • Change the way they do things
  • Optimize their tasks
  • Develop their relations

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Individual Programs

A Strategic Job Crafting ® Program makes it possible for a Senior Officer, an Entrepreneur or a Senior Executive to:
  • Reinvent their own roles, to gain more agility and purpose
  • Address the strategic and human challenges of their functions

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