Senior Executives

You are a High Potential, recently promoted, returning expatriate, affected by a company reorganization, in the same role for a long time...

Goal : To be a driving force in the change process, you must transform your role in order to meet new challenges.

Need : Today, there is a lack of a safe space for dialogue and an organized process to transform roles and to boost projects and careers.


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    I have a stable role in the Company where I am

    I have a clear career development project

    I clearly see see how my role serves the strategy of the Company

    My immediate organizational environment allows me to be agile and efficient

    My role allows me to fully use and develop all of my skills

    My role allows me to do an interesting and stimulating work


    My responsibilities and missions are clear, precise and acknowledged by everyone

    I never have the impression I am losing my time or my energy in my work

    I have the freedom to chose the best way to do my work and to innovate

    People around me cooperate in confidence and efficiently

    I feel good and at the right place in the Company where I am

    My present job makes full sense to me

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