Our conviction

For transformation to succeed, we think it has become critical today, to develop the ability of the co-workers to act.
We believe that our ability to act is often limited by:

  • the complexity of the systems we work in
  • still insufficiently disseminated collaborative methods of working
  • biased / too fast judgements on ourselves or on others

We believe that people deserve systems to evolve to better use talent.

Our expertise

Our expertise includes:

  • individual diagnoses of the ability to act in one's role
  • collective diagnoses of the organization's agility
  • individual journeys to transform roles and relationships
  • collective journeys of transformation of roles and relationships

A role is optimal when it best reconciles the Person's skills and motivations with the company's strategy and organization.

The concept of a role

The role is the foundation of every organization. Organizations are composed of roles as the brain is composed of neurons. A role is a concrete and practical set of tasks, relationships and ways of doing things. It is the only place where the organization meets the person.

The only way of truly transforming an organization is to transform it role by role.

Organization / Individual

The weak link

The role is often the first weak link within an organization. Chief Executives have little free time to give for optimizing each individual role.

Many roles are not optimized within companies. If they were, project implementation would look like a flight of migratory birds: everyone would move, aligned towards the same target.

In fact, sometimes organizations are like a game of musical chairs. Job definitions become quickly obsolete. Scopes of responsibility and interfaces are unclear.

They have inspired us

Research & Development

Our Role Crafting Solutions are built on the fundamentals of Organizational Sociology, Role Organizational Analysis, and Small Group Systems theory.

We continually invest in R&D. Particularly in:

Work on Organizational Sociology concretized as a book, with a foreword by Michel Crozier (Coaching to make change a Pleasure, Éditions d'organisation 2006)

Work on Role Organizational Analysis, experimental and theoretical at the same time, which ended up being an INSEAD Thesis (Crafting Meaningful Roles in Today’s Organizations, INSEAD 2012)

The work of the Cercle du Leadership (The Leadership Circle), which resulted in the publishing of several books, one of which being The 7 keys to Leadership, Éditions de l’Archipel 2011

Lectures which we give in universities and grandes écoles (HEC Paris, HEC Montréal, INSEAD, Polytechnique…)