Our digital solutions

The Role Crafting digital platform includes a complete suite of digital tools specifically developed to transform the organization and develop roles and talent.

This platform is unparalleled on the market. It is accessible to our corporate clients, consultants and coaches, in Saas mode without any development, on any computer, PC or smartphone.


  • Creation of your own dedicated online space
  • Monitoring the progress of the transformation
  • Immediate production of results
  • Accelerated export of results
  • Creation of roles, accesses and user profiles
  • Available in French and English


  • Gain in diagnosis time and analysis quality
  • Strengthening collaborative work
  • Easy and intuitive user experience
  • Easy roll-out internationally

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Role Scanner®

Role Scanner® is a digital application specifically developed to facilitate collective transformations. It allows you to:

  • individually engage all employees in the transformation project in an interactive, lively and digital way.
  • accelerate and deepen the diagnosis by scanning the organisation in depth, department by department and role by role
  • assess the different levels of commitment to transformation, as well as the hotspots and levers for progress
  • listen to employees, providing concrete action plans adapted to the field and simply enriching the action plans
  • align the teams on a shared diagnosis and action plan, in a fun and visual way
  • monitor the progress of the transformation phase by phase

Role Crafting®

Role Crafting® is a digital application specifically developed to facilitate individual transformations. It allows you to:

  • evaluate one's ability to act in one's role
  • analyse one's role mission by mission and activities by activities
  • analyse past achievements
  • identify one's skills and motivations
  • build one's future role in a playful and visual way
  • build the role transformation action plan and monitor progress

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