Group Transformation Journey

Group Transformation Journey

Role Crafting ® is a custom-made group program on building, re-inventing and transforming roles in small groups, to gain more agility, purpose and capacity for action. It allows the organization to:

Change the way they do things

Optimize their tasks

Develop collaborative work

It allows the persons to develop their :

  • Autonomy
  • Skills
  • Relationships

The client can be a Company Leader or a Human Resources Professional.


Role Crafting ® workshops or programs are particularly pertinent for people confronted with new organizational challenges and/or professionals at a turning point in their careers:

  • Clarifying roles and responsibilities
  • Optimizing the organization’s functioning to give it more agility and purpose, merger, integration
  • Developing autonomy and accountability
  • Reinventing your job, digitalization, transforming your function
  • Taking up a position, recently promoted Senior Executives, high potential employees
  • Reinventing your role, seniors, personnel affected by a reorganization, on a professional plateau, in the same role for a long time, expatriates in transition periods, personnel back from parental leaves, Y generation, experts, Project Managers, Intrapreneurs

What makes our difference

  • Expertise in Role Crafting (role optimizing and reinventing)
  • Optimizing and reinventing roles and interfaces
  • Customized and turn-key Programs
  • Journey in small collaborative groups
  • Experience sharing and ongoing progress
  • Dedicated online Role Crafting platform and digital tools
  • Two aligned Project Deliverables: one for the company and one for the personnel
  • Highly experienced consultants (strategy , coaching and general management)
  • Coaching methods and Strategy tools (McKinsey, BCG, Bain, HEC, INSEAD…)

Our approach

It is based on our specific and innovating Role Crafting ® Protocol, which combines supervised small group sessions within a safe space, individual reflection, coffee workshops with third parties (internal and/or external), strategy, organization, coaching and mentoring work, as well as a significant practical testing phase.

Benefits for all parties

CEO, General Manager, LeadersTransform roles smoothly to better use in-company energies
Human Resources ManagementHave a turn-key solution available to anticipate and manage urgent and sensitive situations
ParticipantsBetter align their roles with their talents and motivations