Individual Exploration Journey

Individual Exploration Journey

Role Radar ® is a personalised accelerated journey of exploration and individual diagnosis of the capacity for action, meaning and agility potential of a given role. Our offer combines:

Role analysis digital tools

Work sessions and individual feedback

Building an adapted individual transformation system

The client can be a company leader, a senior executive or a HR professional.


  • To develop the purpose, the capacity for action and the potential for agility of a given role
  • To succeed in taking up a position
  • To make one's role more strategic (e.g. high potentials…)
  • To transform one's role (e.g. reorganization, digitalization…)
  • To reinvent a role, a job, a function
  • Remobilize a person (e. g. after a restructuring...)

What makes our difference

  • Expertise in Role Crafting (role optimization)
  • Interactive Digital Mapping of role and capacity for action
  • Personalized journey of exploration, appropriation and restitution of the diagnosis
  • Highly experienced speakers (strategy consultants, coaches and chief executives)

Our approach

Our approach is non-intrusive and rewarding. Our methodology integrates strategy, coaching and digital tools.

Benefits for all parties

Shareholder Develop the action capacity of a company leader
CEO, General Manager, Leader Optimize a role to better engage a person's energy
HR Evolve a role to develop a person's talents
Person Better align their roles with their talents and motivations, build purpose