Individual Transformation Journey

Our Strategic Job Crafting Offer

Strategic Job Crafting ® is a personalized journey of construction, transformation or re-invention of one's individual role for greater agility, meaning and capacity for action. Our offer combines:

Time for action and experimentation

Guided individual analysis interviews and concrete deliverables

An online private client space and digital tools

Our approach is confidential and highly customized. It allows an executive officer, an entrepreneur or a senior executive to:

  • Reinvent their own roles, to gain more agility and purpose
  • Address the strategic and human challenges of their functions

It is an individualized offer which will allow them to build two projects, aligned between them:

  • A development project for the organization
  • A development project for oneself

The client can be the Senior Officer him(her)self, or a HR Professional on his/her behalf.

Supported persons

This Program is particularly pertinent for persons in a situation of professional growth and/or career transition:

  • Taking up a position
  • Having a sensitive role with new challenges, a significant or difficult transformation project
  • A function to reinvent or clarify (e.g. returning expatriates, senior employees building their «second curve»…)

What makes our difference

  • Expertise in Role Crafting ® (role optimization and reinvention)
  • Two aligned deliverables: a project for the person and a project for the company
  • A well-structured program: a highly individualized approach
  • Online dedicated Role Crafting platform and digital tools
  • Highly experienced consultants (strategy, coaching and general management)
  • Coaching methods and strategy tools (McKinsey, BCG, Bain, HEC, INSEAD…)

Our approach

It is based on our specific and innovating Role Crafting ® Protocol. It is discreet, tactful, confidential and exclusive. It combines reflection, mixed with strategy, marketing, coaching and mentoring, with a significant practical testing phase.

Benefits for all parties

CEO, General Manager, LeadersFocus the person’s energy towards the right project, at the right place and time
Human Resources Management Have a turn-key solution available to anticipate and manage urgent and sensitive situations
PersonnelAlign their roles with their talents and motivations to gain agility and purpose