Who are we ?

Who are we ?

We are a team of qualified practitioners who share the same conviction; that the right use of talents within organizations is often inhibited by the still insufficient dissemination of collaborative working methods, hasty judgments and systems which are far too complex. Our experience is in organizational design, strategy consulting, organizational coaching and executive coaching. We have extensive practical experience in the fields of general management, international development and HR management. Our firm was founded in 2010 by Bruno Chaintron. We strive to be architects of roles and relationships for greater Agility and Purpose in organizations.

What makes our difference

  • Strategy Consultants propose to transform strategy, not people
  • Coaches propose to transform people, not strategy
  • We transform roles in order to advance strategy implementation and people development

Two deliverables

  • One project for the company
  • One project for the person


  • Role Crafting (role optimization and reinvention - INSEAD thesis)
  • Strategy tools and coaching methods (McKinsey, BCG, Bain, HEC,…)

Our Skills

Our Skills

Our Values


Strategic sensitivity

Capacity to sense changes in the real business environnment

Collective decision-making

Capacity to collectively make difficult decisions


Capacity to act quickly and decisively


Capacity to set the clearest possible goal


Capacity to assign a meaning to events


Capacity to sense what is happening in the most accurate way

Our practice is founded on a strict code of ethics

  • Do no harm

    We are mindful not to harm the organization nor the people in it

  • Integrity

    We maintain the highest level of confidentiality regarding any information which is off-task

  • Loyalty

    We work with, acknowledge and support the authority in charge who gives us our mission

  • Ethics

    We are committed to warning the Client when another kind of skill is necessary

  • Right role

    We always ensure we stay in our proper role

  • Obsolescence

    We organize in time our uselessness



The Group for One company is born on December, 2nd to help leaders face their strategic and human challenges.


The first Strategy Coaching Program is designed for the CEO of a large distribution group. The first collective Role Optimization Program is built for a large company in the Finance sector. Client work serves as a laboratory for an INSEAD thesis on how to optimize and to reinvent roles in today's corporate world. Our contribution to Cercle du Leadership's work is included in the co-written book entitled "The 7 keys to Leadership."


Individual and Collective Programs grow bigger with the same clients. The research work on roles and Bruno Chaintron's INSEAD Thesis - Crafting Meaningful Roles in Today’s Organisations - receive an Award. The Fair Roles ® Trademark is registered.


The individual Role Reinvention Offering develops within the High Technology sector.


The collective Innovation Offering spreads internationally within the services industry.


The first lectures are organized at the Harvard/Wharton/INSEAD Administrators Circle, the Groupement Emploi Cadres and the French École Polytechnique.The Strategic Job Crafting ® brand becomes the new name of the Individual Role Transformation offering for executives.


Our services spread within the world of think tanks and the agribusiness sector. The Role Crafting ® brand becomes the new name for our collective Role Optimization and Reinvention Offering. Conferences are given at the House of Management in Paris, The Training School of the Paris Bar and the Governance Circle. An innovative Digital Role Diagnostic offering with Fair Roles ® as its brand is launched.


Digital tools are developed to detect an organization's hot spots and skillfully analyze roles. Deployment of the Role Scanner ® in large companies in order to facilitate reorganizations. Deployment of Role Crafting in the private equity sector to help integrate SMB (SME)s. Accelerated Role Transformation Programs for Executives are launched.


We developed our client portfolio in the pharmaceutical, hi-tech and the media sectors. We put together new methods to develop the co-workers' capacity for action on strategy and reorganization projects. We enhanced our transformation programs with several new proprietary digital tools.


Launch of the Role Crafting digital platform dedicated to clients using a private access. The digital tools are adapted and translated to serve the English-speaking markets. The Web Site is updated. Extension of the client base in the agribusiness and in the service industries.


Development of the Role Crafting digital platform to serve companies, consultancies and coaches. Extension of the range of digital tools. Training of 30 new consultants and coaches in the tools. Partnerships set up with the École Polytechnique engineering school in France and Grant Alexander. Expansion of the client base in the energy and training sectors.

Our Partners